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How to Clean a Drip Coffee Maker with White Vinegar

Clean a Drip Coffee Maker with White Vinegar

How to Clean a Drip Coffee Maker with White Vinegar

Cleaning kitchen appliances are important for your health. Therefore, keeping good hygiene within your household is the most important matter of all. Do you think deep cleaning your drip coffee maker is a tough task? Then, I am going to take you through on how to clean a drip coffee maker with white vinegar

First of all, what is white vinegar? White vinegar is a non-toxic cleaning supply which is mostly used in cleaning soft areas. I know at the moment most of you are wondering why warm areas? Yes, warm areas are the best breeding grounds for infectious bacteria’s. On the other hand, the white vinegar has components used to kill this bacteria’s and also leaving behind a clean appliance.

Before we jump into the main motive of this post, I would like to answer a question every person usually asks him or herself. How often should I clean my kitchen component more so my coffeemaker machine? The answer is, clean your components as often as you can.

According to studies and reports by NSF, it was reported that coffee pots are the germiest place in your kitchen. This is due to the fact that most germs tend to breed in warm environments. Looking at the coffee maker machine, the water reservoirs environment is mostly warm hence the best place for bacteria breeding.

Among other components within your kitchen, the coffee maker is your best friend since it keeps you started and out of the bed. Due to this reason, you should really take great care of your coffeemaker machine. Cleaning a coffee maker machine requires no chemical but just water and vinegar. Now let’s look on the step on the need to know on how to clean a drip maker with white vinegar.

Step by step on how to clean a drip coffee with vinegar:

Initially, turn off your coffeemaker

This mainly involves turning off the coffeemaker completely. I would prefer you unplug the coffeemaker from the socket. This is to prevent you from electrocution. Your safety comes first.

Remove and empty the contents in the filter basket i.e. leftovers

Dismantle your maker and empty all the coffee grounds that may be left in the filter. This eases the cleaning process.

Drain all the coffee content remains in the carafe

Empty all the coffee remains within the coffeemaker. It helps to prevent unwanted component forming during preparation of the cleaning solution inside the coffeemaker. This content might be the reason why you decided in the first place to clean your drip coffeemaker machine. The content is bitter and this would spoil the whole taste of the coffee brewed.

Prepare the mixture (cleaning solution)

Preparing the cleaning solution requires lots of care and correct measurement. So fill the coffeemaker half way and add proportional amounts of white vinegar to make a solution. After that, fill the carafe to the limits.

Brew the solution using the coffeemaker

Once the solution is ready, you may turn on the coffeemaker and let the brewing process begin. This instance, no coffee, but only vinegar. Let brewing go for a while then turn of the coffeemaker and allow all the solution to settle.

You can relax for a while, let’s say about an hour or so then come back and continue with the brewing process for another 30 minutes.

Complete the brewing process

After completing the 30 minutes brewing, empty the contents within the carafe and add fresh water. Freshwater help in removing any solution left within the carafe and the other parts of the coffee maker machine.

Now, brew using fresh water

Brew the added fresh water for around 30 minutes and let the contents to settle. When that is done, empty the content of the carafe and dry the coffeemaker. You are ready to go! This is how simple it is to clean your coffeemaker machine using white vinegar.

You are done! Now you component is crystal clean and ready for coffee brewing. I am 100% sure that after cleaning your coffee maker, the coffee brewed is much more delicious. Yes, it is aromatic and fresh than before. As I conclude I would like you to do this routine thrice a month for health purposes and long-lasting for your appliance.