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Best burr grinder under 50

Best Burr Grinder Under $50

Best burr grinder under $50 – Product Review

If you’re serious about enjoying barista-style freshness in your morning cup of coffee, then you definitely need to start with a solid foundation. By this, we simply mean that you need to invest in the best coffee beans, the best coffee maker and finally, the best burr grinder under 50.

When it comes to grinding your coffee beans, you need to understand that a grinder is not just a grinder. You need to invest in the right grinder that will grind your beans uniformly while preserving the flavors, oils and the aroma of the specific coffee beans.

One way of achieving this is by investing in a burr grinder. Although these grinders might seem to be the answer, one setback is their high purchasing cost. Luckily, with our team of professional coffee experts, we’ve managed to dig deep in the market and have discovered a vast range of incredibly engineered burr grinders that will keep the job done without letting you break the bank.

A roundup of four of the best burr grinders under 50 dollars

And now to our main event, we’re going to review four of the best burr grinders under 50

1. KRUPS GX5000 Professional Electric Coffee Burr Grinder

KRUPS Electric Coffee Burr GrinderThe KRUPS GX5000 Professional Burr Grinder is a German made German-inspired electric coffee grinder that has been designed with only one intention—Perfection. Whether you’re a coffee professional or simply an avid coffee connoisseur, the Krups is a powerful grinder that will grind your coffee beans quickly and efficiently.

To guarantee the best grinding results, this burr grinder comes with a mix of useful features which include; a metallic flat burr, 9 grind levels, an 8 oz clear bean container, a quantity selector and a burr mill system. Available in a stylish black exterior, the KRUPS GX5000 Professional Burr Grinder is a potential game changer and a real master when it comes to grinding even and consistent grounds.

Features of the KRUPS GX5000 Professional Burr Grinder

  • Anti-static container: having recognized the huge mess caused by regular plastic containers, Krups have invested in an anti-static container with a lid to help keep your coffee fresh with all its flavor and aroma.
  • Controlled grind settings: for you to gain full control of your coffee grinds, Krups have offered its customers a massive 45 settings that have been conveniently divided into 9 main sections. With such a simplified grinding mechanism, you can easily grind your coffee from coarse to ultra-fine.
  • Safe operation: to guarantee maximum safety during operation, the Krups is designed with a smart safety feature that automatically deactivates the appliance until the bean container and the lid are assembled precisely.

Electric Coffee Burr Grinder


The safety auto stop mechanism is very handy.

This grinder is easy to disassemble making cleanup a breeze.

The flat burr mechanism allows you to achieve consistent grinding results.

This grinder is very silent when operating.


This grinder has a tendency of producing inconsistent grounds.

According to most customers, the fine ground setting is very hard to achieve.

Customer feedback

Having gone through most reviews, the vast majority of online customers have really complained about the machine’s tendency of producing inconsistent grounds. Although this is a major concern, it seems to be the only problem with this grinder.

On the positive side of it, most reviewers have appreciated the silent motor, the adjustable controls and the smooth operation that allows you to grind fine coffee grounds rich in natural flavors and aroma. You can read customer reviews on your own – click here and skip to Amazon

2. Secura Electric Coffee Grinder & Spice Grinder

Secura Electric Coffee GrinderAre you searching for a small burr grinder that will demurely fit in your small countertop without eating up all your space? Well, the best solution to your grinding demands is the Secura Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder. Engineered with a shiny steel casing, this grinder is designed to meet all your grinding demands whether it’s grinding beans, nuts, spices or coffee beans.

To guarantee flexibility and grinding consistency, this grinder offers you two removable chopping chambers each featuring a set of different blades depending on whether you’re chopping or grinding.

Speaking of the performance, the Secura Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder offers you two separate settings (for coarse and French Press coffee), a safety lock mechanism and a simple one-touch control system that allows you to operate the grinder with just a press of a button.

Features of the Secura Electric Coffee and Spice Grinder

  • Multiple accessories: to compensate customers for lack of enough grind settings, Secura has added multiple accessories in the package such as a chopper bowl, a grinder bowl and two removable steel bowls with two sets of blades.
  • Versatility: although this grinder lacks multiple settings, its ability to chop and grind a vast range of foods, spices and beans has really enabled it to cement a place in the modern kitchen.

Electric Coffee Grinder


This grinder is a universal kitchen accessory thanks to the multiple grinding bowls and blades.

✓ This grinder is small enough to fit in any kitchen setting.

✓ The simple one-touch control feature is just outstanding especially if you’re a busy cook.

✓ The brushed stainless steel finish will definitely suit all kitchens.


First, this grinder is too small to handle mammoth grinding tasks.

Secondly, the motor is too weak to accomplish heavy-duty tasks. In fact, some customers have gone ahead to say that the motor actually smokes and stops working immediately.

Customer feedback

Although a number of customers have complained about the weak motor, a huge number of them have appreciated the simple one-touch operation, multiple accessories and a remarkable grinding consistency stating that this grinder is indeed a pleasant surprise especially to those people who’re used to large grinders.

The last time I checked this grinder on Amazon you could get a 1-Year Manufacturer’s Limited Warranty and save a extra 10% when you click the coupon button. Check If this offer is still available!

3. Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder with 18 Custom Grinds

Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill GrinderIn every company, there’s always one product that stands out from the rest. For the case of the Mr. Coffee, one product that has really taken most customers by storm is the Mr. Coffee Automatic Burr Mill Grinder. What’s so special about this grinder anyway?

First, the Mr. Coffee BMH23-RB-1 Burr Mill Grinder is available in an attractive silver exterior. Secondly, this burr grinder is engineered with dozens of useful features that make it special yet affordable. There are 18 preprogrammed settings to customize your brew, a huge removable hopper, an auto shutoff feature and safety locking switches.

With such a rich set of smart features, Mr. Coffee has surely managed to eliminate any guesswork during your brewing process giving you a chance to enjoy Baratza-style coffee right from the comfort of your home.

Features of the Mr. Coffee BMH23-RB-1 Burr Mill Grinder

  • 18-preprogrammed settings: this is one feature that has really made this burr grinder to stand out from the rest. With a total of 18 preprogrammed settings, avid coffee lovers will have the best opportunity of grinding coffee beans from coarse to ultra-fine when brewing anything from French Press to Espresso.
  • Adjustable cup size: again coffee lovers will definitely fall in love with this feature as it allows you to set the amount of coffee you wish the machine to grind. You can choose anything from 2 cups to a whopping 18 cups.
  • Removable bean holder: although this part is always overlooked, it’s one of the most essential parts of any coffee maker. For the case of the Mr. Coffee, the bean holder is easy to detach to allow easy cleanup. It’s also large enough to hold an entire ½ pound of coffee beans ready for grinding.

Automatic Burr Mill coffee GrinderPros

At just 4.2 pounds, this burr grinder is light enough to carry from one location to another.

This grinder comes with a set of functional features considering it’s available at a lower price tag.

The hopper is large enough to hold ½ a pound of beans.

The power cord has a special internal storage that helps to save more space in the kitchen.


This grinder requires frequent cleaning especially the reservoir and the lid.

Another issue is with the hopper lid which doesn’t screw tightly on the hopper. This may result to spillage of the coffee beans in case the appliance is knocked down accidentally.

Customer feedback

One major concern with this burr grinder is the need for consistent cleanup especially the reservoir and the hole where coffee grounds come out (as it’s susceptible to blockage). Other than that, most reviewers have appreciated the massive grinding power of this appliance stating that it’s unbelievably convenient and perfect for both small and large families.  Click here to see the best prices for grinder.

4. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr MillFinally, in our review of the best burr grinder under 50 dollars, we have the Cuisinart DBM-8 Automatic Burr Grinder. Although most coffee experts believe that inexpensive grinders go hand in hand with poor quality, the Cuisinart DBM-8 has managed to overturn this ritual through offering a set of remarkable features all a lower price range.

Having met the required criterion of product durability, convenience and grind consistency, this grinder takes advantage of 18-preprogrammed settings to allow you to grind anything from coarse to ultra-fine. With the help of the wish side selector, coffee lovers can grind anything from 4 to 18 cups to meet their brewing demands.

In addition to that, the removable grind chamber has been designed with a large capacity that allows it to hold up to 32 cups. Designed with an auto shut-off feature, a removable 8 oz bean hopper, a scoop and a cleaning brush, the Cuisinart DBM-8 Automatic Burr Grinder is surely a must have if you’re really planning to take your coffee brewing experience to a new level.

Features of the Cuisinart DBM-8 Automatic Burr Grinder

  • Grinding consistency: most coffee professionals prefer the burr system over the blade system. To guarantee grinding consistency, the Cuisinart DBM-8 comes with a smart burr grinding technology that grinds anything from coarse to ultra-fine with just a press of a button.
  • Great performance: when it comes to the performance, Cuisinart has opted to employ a set of amazing features such as the 18-position grind selector and the wish slide selector to give you the freedom of grinding the right amount of coffee enough for you and your family.

Cuisinart Grind Automatic Burr Mill


This burr grinder has a nice stainless steel housing.

There are enough features to help you accomplish all your grinding needs.

This burr grinder is sleek enough to suit any kitchen setting.

The controls are straightforward and very easy to use.


This grinder is extremely loud when operating.

This grinder has a tendency of producing inconsistent grounds.

Some customers have complained about the motor stating that it’s too weak to accomplish major grinding tasks.

Customer feedback

Having gone through most critical reviews, the majority of the customers have complained about the loud noise produced by this grinder during operation. Although this is a major concern that needs to be rectified by the manufacturer, most positive reviews have appreciated the smooth grinding mechanism that allows the grinder to produce quality grounds rich in natural flavors and aroma. Read more customer reviews and find out if this stroller is worth buying!

About burr grinders

Unlike blade grinders which rely on the cutting and chopping mechanism of a speeding blade, burr grinders use steel or ceramic pieces to crush the beans leading to a more uniform grinding process. These grinders are engineered with two sharp burrs that are set to oppose each other during the process.

When grinding is in the process, coffee beans tend to stick between the two opposing burrs forcing them to be crushed uniformly on both sides. To avoid losing the flavor and aroma of your coffee, these grinders are aimed to grind at lower speeds as compared to their blade grinder counterparts.

According to your grinding requirements, you can choose burr grinders with flat surfaces, conical or a hybrid of both. To achieve a precise level of coarseness, you can adjust the distance between the two milling burrs. With such an outstanding grinding mechanism, burr grinders are by far the best grinders to consider if you’re really looking to achieve a consistent coffee grinding experience.

Choosing the best burr grinder

Just like in MotoGP where victory is determined by a thousandth of a second, the coffee world also relies on the best grinding mechanism to achieve a perfect barista-style type of coffee to meet your brewing demands.

Since you already know that a burr grinder is the solution to enjoying the best coffee, there’s one more question that comes to mind; what’s the best burr grinder to consider? Now, to take out the guesswork out of your grinding and coffee brewing ritual, this section will highlight some key pointers that will help you make an informed decision when selecting the best burr grinder.

Burr shapes

Although this is not a huge factor, burr grinders can either be conical or flat shaped. Conical burrs are the most common and are designed with a large surface area paving way for a more consistent grinding mechanism.

On the other hand, flat burr grinders rely on a flat disk to grind coffee beans also resulting to evenly and consistently ground coffee beans. Both of these burr grinders operate in an almost similar capacity resulting in a similar grind quality.

The material

When it comes to the materials, burr grinders are either made from high-quality ceramic or stainless steel materials. Steel burrs are considered to be less durable, cheap and very easy to replace while ceramic burrs are hailed for their longer lifespan and consistency when grinding. Although they’re more expensive, ceramic burrs are the best for producing high-quality espresso or Turkish coffee.

Number of settings

To enjoy the much-needed flexibility and customizability when grinding your coffee, you need to choose a burr grinder that offers more grind settings. Grinders such as the popular Baratza grinders offer 40+ grind settings offering better precision and adjustability when grinding your coffee.

Since we’re searching for the best burr grinder under 50, choosing one with at least 20 plus grind settings will seem to be a wise move instead of going for a Stepless alternative.

A point of note: Stepped grinders come with a fixed number of control setting to utilize while Stepless grinders operate without any preset options.

Bean hopper size

When shopping for a burr grinder, you need to think of the hopper size. You can either select those models with large hoppers that can accommodate more coffee beans or for the small-sized alternatives that hold just a small amount of coffee beans.

Motor speed

Finally, you need to think of the motor speed if you really need to purchase a quality burr grinder. Burr grinders with high operating speeds are known to grind quicker and more consistently. Since these motors grind at a very high RPM, you need to be very careful with heat buildup as it can easily alter the flavor of the ground coffee.

On the other hand, you can opt to go for those low-cost burr grinders that feature low-speed motors. Although these grinders use gears to operate, they’re less durable and more susceptible to static buildup which causes finely ground coffee to stick on the sides of the container.