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Differences between Robusta Arabica Coffee

Differences between Robusta and Arabica Coffee
6 Unique Differences between Robusta and Arabica Coffee Are you new to the world of coffee or an experienced coffee lover who wants to know more about your favorite beverage? Well come around then and let’s explore the differences between robusta and arabica coffee, two of the world’s most important beverages. Why only these two coffees out of the hundreds of coffee bean varieties in the world, I can hear you asking. The reason is that they are the only two main coffee beans that are widely cultivated as beverage. In fact, robusta and arabica coffee beans make up 99% of coffee sold around the world. So it is surely certain that you must have had either one of them. But I bet you don’t...

Best burr grinder under 50

Best Burr Grinder Under $50
Best burr grinder under $50 - Product Review If you’re serious about enjoying barista-style freshness in your morning cup of coffee, then you definitely need to start with a solid foundation. By this, we simply mean that you need to invest in the best coffee beans, the best coffee maker and finally, the best burr grinder under 50. When it comes to grinding your coffee beans, you need to understand that a grinder is not just a grinder. You need to invest in the right grinder that will grind your beans uniformly while preserving the flavors, oils and the aroma of the specific coffee beans. One way of achieving this is by investing in a burr grinder. Although these grinders might seem to be the...

Best Coffee Mugs

best coffee mug guide
Best Coffee Mug Buyers Guide Most people can’t start their day without having a cup of hot coffee. In fact, reports state that nearly 54% of American adults kickstart their day with a cup of hot coffee on a daily basis. Therefore, if you’re an American adult looking forward to enjoying your favorite beverage each morning, you need to search for the best coffee mugs that will accomplish your needs. Although the basics of a coffee mug are virtually the same, searching for a quality mug that will keep your coffee hot for long or maybe a large mug that will hold a fair amount of coffee is the best option as this will define how authentic you enjoy your favorite beverage. With that said,...

Instant Coffee Guide

instant coffee guide

  Complete Guide to Instant Coffee There is arguably a no better way of kick-starting your morning than having a cup of hot java. Regarded as humankind’s nectar of life, instant coffee has come a long way from generation to generation to ensure that humans stay caffeinated and perfectly boosted to tackle the hassles of each day. Just like wine, the world of instant coffee is quite massive and complicated and is hugely masked with multiple appreciations from the past scholars and academicians to the new era of great professionals. Now, for those new in the world of instant coffee, it’s paramount to understand that each cup comes with a unique taste depending on the beans, the method of roasting and finally the brewing method….

Why Is It Called A Cup Of Joe

why is it called a cup of Joe
Coffee, Why Is It Called A Cup Of Joe "No one named Joe first discovered, cultivated, or even sold coffee, so why is it called a cup of Joe? Your friends all have different stories, and you’ve heard a few rumors, too. So, what’s the real story behind the name?"   Debunking Josephus People like a little history with their caffeine, and one of the most prevalent theories about how “Joe” and coffee became synonymous involves a politician and unhappy sailors. In 1914, Josephus (“Joe”) Daniels used his position as Secretary of the Navy to pass General Order 99, banning alcohol on naval vessels. Once upon a time, sailors enjoyed an actual ration of alcohol while serving, so – according to the story – they...

Best Single Cup Coffee Makers To Buy – Keurig Vs Tassimo

Best Single Cup Coffee Makers To Buy - Keurig Or Tassimo If you’re new in the world of single-serve coffee brewing, I believe you must be wondering which machine to buy and which one to leave out due to the numerous options available. Although most manufacturers are determined to offer their best in terms of price and quality, two brands have managed to stand out leaving us in a dilemma on—best coffee maker Keurig or Tassimo. Keurig and Tassimo are two of the best brands that have left most brewing enthusiasts at a standstill wondering which machine to purchase over the other. Luckily, with such authentic coffee experts at the disposal, we’ve managed to place both of these single-serve coffee makers on the table to...

Five Exceptional Coffee Bar Ideas For Your Home

Coffee Bar ideas
Five Exceptional Coffee Bar Ideas For Your Home If you’re a passionate lover of coffee who can’t start or end his day without a cup of hot java, then it’s time that you consider adding a coffee station in your home. For those bachelors who recently graduated to young fathers, a home coffee bar will really prove handy as it will give you an option of enjoying your best cup of Joe while spending time with your kids. Although it’s better said than done, most coffee aficionados will really agree with the idea of setting up a home coffee station. However, the main problem pips in once you think of how you’ll get started. Now, to ensure that you enjoy a flavored cup of coffee...

4 Best Coffee Mugs to Keep Coffee Hot Much Longer

Best Coffee Mugs to Keep Coffee Hot
The majority of coffee connoisseurs spend huge amounts of money buying quality coffee beans and coffee brewing kits. Although this is the best approach to enjoying a flavored cup of this royal beverage, there’s one key factor that always remains neglected…the best coffee mugs to keep coffee hot. Regardless of the type of beverage you enjoy taking (whether at home, at the office or in a coffee shop), pouring your coffee in an insulated coffee mug will help you appreciate the full flavor and quality of your brew. According to most avid coffee lovers, one unacceptable ritual that can’t be tolerated is drinking lukewarm coffee. Therefore, to ensure that you don’t end up throwing away your best cup of brew in the office bin, it’s...

Coffee Pot That Grinds and Brews

Coffee pot that grinds and brews
4 Best Affordable Coffee Pot That Grinds and Brews Most coffee lovers (like me) are able to smell freshly brewed coffee from miles away. Although some people might complain of the manual process of having to grind the coffee beans first, the quality of the coffee brewed by a coffee pot that grinds and brews is hugely unbeatable and can’t be compared with pre-ground coffee alternatives. Therefore, grinding your own coffee before brewing is by far one of the best ways of ensuring that you enjoy the freshest cup of coffee possible while in the comfort of your kitchen. Now, one way of achieving this is by looking for a two-in-one coffee maker that brews and grinds all at the same time.What’s the benefit of...

How To Use A Stovetop Espresso Maker

How To Use A Stovetop Espresso Maker
How To Use A Stovetop Espresso Maker The kitchen is the crucial place for any human being. Today, I am going to discuss step by step on how to use a stovetop espresso maker. A stovetop espresso maker basically was introduced by Alfonso Bialetti in 1933 in Italy. It is nevertheless referred to as the Italian coffee maker or also the Moka pot. These makers are basically popular in Latin America and Europe in the making of stovetop espresso coffee. Espresso is a term used to refer to ‘fine coffee’ hence the reason as to why the stovetop maker is popular in the above-mentioned countries. This maker has great and high-quality values in safety and productivity. Not forgetting the high-quality coffee percolator which generally withstands...
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