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Best Coffee Mugs

best coffee mug guide

Best Coffee Mug Buyers Guide

Most people can’t start their day without having a cup of hot coffee. In fact, reports state that nearly 54% of American adults kickstart their day with a cup of hot coffee on a daily basis. Therefore, if you’re an American adult looking forward to enjoying your favorite beverage each morning, you need to search for the best coffee mugs that will accomplish your needs.

Although the basics of a coffee mug are virtually the same, searching for a quality mug that will keep your coffee hot for long or maybe a large mug that will hold a fair amount of coffee is the best option as this will define how authentic you enjoy your favorite beverage.

With that said, this post will highlight six different types of coffee mugs depending on their sizes, colors, uses and who exactly they’re targeted for. If you’re ready, then let’s begin.

Ceramic coffee mugs

ceramic coffee mugsOne of the best materials used for molding coffee mugs is glazed ceramic. Ceramic construction provides a kind of insulation to your mug allowing you to enjoy a hot beverage for long. After taking your coffee, you can comfortably wash a ceramic mug with cold water without any fear of breakage. This is quite different from a mug made from typical glassware.

Ceramic mugs are smoothly molded with high-quality workmanship to offer excellent durability. These mugs have a glossy exterior with marching interior colors to suit your brewing needs. Among the colors you can get include; orange, lime, yellow, almond, brown, pink, green, dark purple and cobalt blue among others.

Ceramic mugs come in a whole lot of different styles and sizes. To give your morning a cheerful start, you need to think of a personalized mug decoration that will inspire your morning as you get ready to get caffeinated. There are lots of incredible artwork, witty phrases and animal images you can think of to style up your ceramic mug.

When it comes to the sizes, there are 5 standard sizes to choose from ranging from 4oz, 6oz, 8oz, 12oz to 16oz depending on the type of beverage you enjoy taking.

One good thing about ceramic mugs is that they not only keep your beverage hot but they also allow you to drink in style. With the ability to personalize these mugs with cool colors, shapes and witty phrases, ceramic mugs can be used to market a company brand, used in advertisements, used in offices and businesses and finally used in coffee shops as they’re capable of keeping your brew hot for long.

Finally, with a tendency of keeping coffee hot for long, ceramic coffee mugs are best suited to those office workers who enjoy taking their hot beverages sip after sip while working. Whether you prefer a plain or a tech-advanced ceramic coffee mug, the price of these mugs ranges from $6 to $80.

Travel coffee mugs

Travel Coffee MugsTravel coffee mugs are an ideal choice for avid coffee drinkers who can’t afford to waste an entire hour just drinking coffee. These types of mugs help to simplify your winter commute by providing a spill-proof technique that will allow you to enjoy your beverage while on a train, bus or private vehicle.

Commonly made from stainless steel, travel coffee mugs come in a variety of different colors some of which include; black, blue, light green, light blue, purple, silver, white, red and deep green among other fancy colors. These mugs are available in a number of cool styles which include; lens style, Hulk mug style, doll head mug styles and sinking mug style among others.

When it comes to the sizes, travel mugs vary greatly depending on the style and the size available. Among the most popular sizes available include; 14oz, 16oz and 20oz.  When it comes to the pricing, these mugs vary greatly and are available at a price range of about $6 to $150.

Speaking of the best uses, these coffee mugs are designed for commuting and other outdoor activities such as camping and hiking. They’re best suited for college students, lecturers, office workers on the go and brewing experts who enjoy taking a cup of hot java while on their way.

Double walled coffee mugs

Double walled coffee mugsIf you’re looking forward to advancing your brewing needs, why not go for a double walled coffee mug? These mugs not only look elegant but they help to keep your beverage hot or cold for longer hours as compared to their single walled counterparts. These mugs are scratch and temperature resistant and are able to withstand tough temperature fluctuations that might crack or shutter normal cups.

Double walled coffee mugs are usually made of glass or stainless steel and are available in a variety of different colors such as black, emerald, pink and red among others. When it comes to styling, there’s a wide variety of options available ranging from the most common to most unique and personalized styles.

Among the best styles to consider include; lens mug style, color changing styles, a baseball coffee mug and an elephant styled coffee mug. Depending on the styles, colors and material used in the construction, double walled coffee mugs come in a variety of different prices that range from $15 to $100.

Speaking of the uses, double walled coffee mugs can be used both in homes and in busy offices by avid coffee lovers. They come in a variety of different sizes that range from 7oz all the way to 20oz.

Coffee mugs for homes

Coffee mugs for homesMoving on with our list of coffee mugs, we have the coffee mugs for homes. Designed to be used indoors, these mugs come in a variety of different sizes, colors and price range to meet all your brewing demands. Speaking of the colors, these cups are available in cool colors which include; blue, green yellow, and red.

When it comes to the sizing, coffee mugs for homes are available in different sizes which include 8oz, 12oz and 16oz respectively. When it comes to the available styles, these mugs are easy to mold and decorate making them widely available in different inspiring styles.

Among the most elegant styles you’ll find with coffee mugs for homes include; the elephant coffee mug, the mood coffee mug, donut mugs, cat mugs, ninja mugs and camera mugs among others. Depending on your taste, you can decide to decorate your mugs with either prints or customized molds just to cheer up your morning brew.

Just like their name suggests, coffee mugs for homes are designed to be used at home in the kitchen, dining area, study room or at the backyard. They’re best suited for coffee lovers with home coffee bars or office workers who enjoy the idea of enjoying their favorite brews while working. These types of coffee mugs have a price range of between $10 to about $45.

Coffee mug with lids

Coffee mug with lidTo finalize our post on different types of coffee mugs, we have the coffee mug with lids. Quite similar to travel mugs and ceramic mugs, coffee mugs with lid offer an advanced way of enjoying your morning, afternoon or evening brews.

The lid design helps to keep your beverage hot for long while allowing you to smell and experience the full aroma of your coffee. Depending on your taste, the lids come in different styles to ensure that you enjoy your morning brew in a nice mood.

Speaking of the styles and colors, coffee mugs with lids come in a whole lot of amazing colors ranging from white, black, sky blue, red pink to endless customizable print options. To cheer up your morning, you can think of styling up your mug with the available customizable options such as 3D Panda designs, fox design, peacock design, owl and color changing mug designs among others.

Since coffee mugs with lids are similar to the normal ceramic, glass or stainless steel mugs we use (with the advantage of a lid), the mug size tends to be the same with a slight price difference that ranges from $10 to about $100. Finally, due to their impressive lid advantage, coffee mugs with lids are highly usable at home, offices, daily commuting and while driving.

Among those people best suited for these types of coffee mugs include busy professionals always on the go, avid coffee lovers who enjoy drinking coffee while driving and long distance drivers (such as trailer drivers) who must take coffee to boost concentration while on the wheel.


Whether you’re an office worker, a frequent traveler, a camping enthusiast or simply an avid coffee lover, I believe you now have an idea on which coffee mug will work best for you. For busy office workers, picking a double-walled coffee mug will work out perfectly as they retain heat and keep your brew hot for long.

For daily commuters and camping enthusiasts, a travel mug will most likely be the best option as they’re large and feature airtight lids making it easier for you pack in your backpack. For those with home coffee stations, ceramic mugs will be the best option as they’re easy to customize depending on your taste.